We believe in collaboration.

At See Yourself Health, we bring together a multidisciplinary group of experienced professionals to create a compelling virtual world experience for all users. Our integrated team blends expertise in medicine, game design, clinical psychology, and architecture with a start-up spirit of breakthrough, disruptive innovation. We are excited to bring 21st-century solutions to chronic disease management. 



Suzanne Mitchell, MD, MS, Founder

Dr. Mitchell is an NIH funded clinical researcher in the field of digital health at Boston University. An experienced physician and an expert in health behavior change, she is currently studying how to use novel technology to support healthy living for people with chronic diseases.  


April Bassett, MBA, RN

April is See Yourself Health’s business analyst and patient outreach coordinator. She brings deep experience and expertise in hospital management and healthcare data analysis to See Yourself Health.


Evan Wiecha, BA

Evan is a recent alumnus of Skidmore College and is See Yourself Health’s project management consultant. His responsibilities include development planning, market research, and social media strategy.


Daniel Brazill, BA

Daniel is a graduate of Kutztown University of Pennsylvania with a bachelor's degree in speech communication and provides community management coordination for See Yourself Health. His leadership, personability, and commitment to helping those in need are integral to our mission of fostering a supportive and compassionate end-user environment.


DeQuindre Cummings, BA

DeQuindre is a recent graduate of Becker College with a bachelor’s degree in interactive media and a concentration in game design. As See Yourself Health’s technical support consultant, his multifaceted background in digital technology and game design is vital to ensuring a smooth and enjoyable virtual world experience.



“You don't feel like you're alone anymore… even though you were at home.”

– User