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Virtual World vs. Face-to-Face Diabetes Self-Management

This article describes the design and methods of a pilot randomized clinical trial that compares the feasibility and potential efficacy of delivering diabetes self-management interventions via virtual world in comparison with face-to-face educational sessions.


Diabetes Self-Management Education in a Virtual World

This study evaluated participants' experiences of a diabetes self-management education program delivered via a virtual world versus a face-to-face format. It found that self-management education in a virtual world is not only feasible, with educational outcomes similar to a face-to-face classroom experience, but also that learning these skills virtually afforded users a unique sense of personal agency and diabetes self-efficacy not reported by face-to-face participants.



Medical Group Visits in the Virtual World

Building upon these outcomes, Dr. Mitchell is currently investigating whether diabetes self-management virtual medical group visits leads to similarly effective health and educational outcomes compared to face-to-face medical group visits.